Cardiology Research

‘The PREEMPT’ (PREcision Event Monitoring of Patients with Heart Failure using HeartLogic) Cardiology clinical trial.

Beacon Hospital recently began recruitment on the ‘The PREEMPT’ (PREcision Event Monitoring of Patients with Heart Failure using HeartLogic) Cardiology clinical trial.
The goal of the PREEMPT -HF Study is to collect device and clinical event data to evaluate extended applications of the heartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic system, (HeartLogic). This study aims to recruit 3750 patients worldwide.

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The REVIVES Clinical Trial “Research of Extracellular Vesicles In Vascular Emergency Stenting

In collaboration with Prof Orina Beltons lab in UCD, this research is being performed to identify new ways of testing the effects of stenting (implantation of a mesh tube to open up the arteries) on cardiovascular disease patients. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are tiny particles that are released from cells into blood and urine. microRNAs are regulators that are found inside these EVs and can be used to diagnose disease. The aim of the study is to investigate if stenting changes the microRNA levels in the EVs in blood and urine. This has great potential as a future prognostic biomarker that could be used to identify a “read out” of reduced inflammation and reduced cardiac event risk following stenting. This signature will allow us to see if current treatments and medicines are having a positive or negative effect. Furthermore, this study also aims to understand how EVs communicate with the immune system.

Treatment of High and Very high riSk dyslipiduic pAtients for the PreveNTion of cardiOvasculaR Events in Europe – a MultInatioNal ObservatIonal Study: The Santorini Clinical Trial

High cholesterol or ‘hypercholesteroluia’ is a major health concern in Europe. Appropriate medical treatment lowers a type of cholesterol called ‘low density lipoprotein – cholesterol’ (LDL-C) and reduces the rates of clinical cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes. Despite the multiple available treatments, many patients ruain poorly treated or even untreated. This study will describe the characteristics of patients who are at high risk of cardiovascular events and will document how they are managed in a real world setting across a variety of primary and secondary care centres across Europe. Approximately 8,000 patients from different care settings (primary care and secondary care in different specialties) across several European countries will be enrolled at approximately 800 sites. In Ireland, 20 sites will open to recruit 200 patients.

The SANTORINI Clinical trial is sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo and in collaboration with Imperial College London.

Evaluation of the Caption Artificial Intelligence Echocardiography System by Novice Scanners in Real World Clinical Settings

Caption AI software has been developed as a deep learning adaptive artificial intelligence software system that allows novice scanners to obtain and interpret point of care transthoracic echocardiogram studies. This study plans to compare the Caption AI system with a standard ‘expert’ echocardiogram in order to prove that the same information can be obtained to a high standard by a healthcare worker with limited training and previous exposure to the process.

This system is the first artificial intelligent image guidance system to be already fully FDA approved in the United States. Several small studies have provided ‘proof of concept’ data and the aim is to conduct a pilot study in Europe with the Beacon Hospital as the chosen centre for this.

Participants on this trial will be evaluated in four separate clinical areas – the Emergency Department, the Intensive Care Unit, the Heart Failure Clinic, and the Oncology Day Ward. Further information can be found here: