Medical Oncology

Title: International registry for men with advanced prostate cancer: IRONMAN Study

Design: The IRONMAN registry will prospectively recruit minimum of 5000 patients with advanced prostate cancer. Patients are recruited during an initial study period of three years and followed up for a minimum of five years. Info on all patients is collected at study enrolment (demographic, medical hx, etc). Physician questionnaires are collected. Baseline bloods will be taken.

Study objectives: To describe practice patterns of therapeutic agents for treatment of advanced prostate cancer internationally. Assess whether specific treatment patterns are associated with clinically significant adverse events, and evaluate potential interactions with concomitant medications or demographic factors. Identify associations between different treatment sequences or combinations and overall survival. Define the patient experience of men with advanced prostate cancer and identify unmet needs in their treatment. Identify clinical and molecular disease sub-types that predict response to individual treatments, combinations or sequences.

Status: Recruitment open.

Exercise Intervention Study 

Title of Study: Pilot Study to assess the impact of moderate intensity exercise immediately prior to chemotherapy infusion in breast cancer patients receiving neo-adjuvant chemotherapy.

Design: To evaluate the safety of use of a static bike in a chemotherapy day unit- record number of adverse events and evaluate the efficacy of the intervention. Data collected of recruitment, retention and completion rates. Secondary outcome measures include pathological complete response using MRI and surgical specimen, tumour size – change in the diameter of tumour based on radiographic imaging, side effects and chemotherapy dose reductions, cardiopulmonary fitness (CPET) and quality of life questionnaire EORTC QLQ C30

Study Objectives: To assess the safety and feasibility of introducing aerobic exercise, in the form of a static bike, immediately prior to chemotherapy infusion. To establish if a study of this nature is feasible within this cohort and clinical setting.
Status: Opening early 2023.